Fault With Lateral Disruption

    Shown is the xz-plane of the model and the y-component of seismic velocity.

    The seismic properties of the model (and of all subsequent models, otherwise mentioned) are

  • p-velocity: 5.00 km/s
  • s-velocity: 3.50 km/s
  • density: 2.35 g/cm^3
  • The FZ properties are 30% reduced with respect to the background.
    In the lower fault segment a FZ-wave  emerges. Reaching the disruption some fraction of the trapped energy is send out spherically in the surrounding quarterspaces. This energy contributes significantly to the seismograms, arriving between direct S-wave and FZ-wave.
    The remaining FZ-energy crosses the disruption and builds a new FZ-wave in the upper segment.