Fault With Small Scale Heterogeneities

    Shown is the xz-plane of the model and the y-component of seismic velocity.

    The seismic properties of the background model are

    • p-velocity: 5.00 km/s
    • s-velocity: 3.50 km/s
    • density: 2.35 g/cm^3
    The properties of the FZ vary from -30% to 0% with respect to the surrounding quarterspaces. Note that the colors of the FZ only coarsely reflect the FZ-heterogeneities. A better sketch of the FZ is shown with the seismograms.
    Similar the the basic fault model with uniform properties, clear FZ-waves develop.  Due to the heterogeneities, a small amount of FZ-energy leaks into the surrounding quarterspaces. 
    Small scale variations with a strong velocity range of (0-30%) do not prevent trapped wave generation.